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Investor Relations Translation And Interpretation Assistance Service

Should you require translation assistance with IR activities for overseas investors, accompanying interpretation for a visit to a domestic enterprise, interpretation at investment seminars and overseas trade shows, or translation of shareholders’ meeting notifications, press releases, annual reports, interim reports, etc., Simulingual can provide translators and interpreters with an in-depth IR knowledge, who have many achievements and experiences in the areas including finance, securities, financial affairs, accounting, tax, etc., and will perform your translation with the highest quality in the industry.

We understand that in financial and securities translation, without a working knowledge of a number of key terms and phrases (in both the source and target language) in order to fully understand a document, accurate translation is impossible.

All of our translators have the necessary, relevant knowledge and the background in the finance and securities industries required for accurate translation; as a result, our translations are highly praised by our clients for their excellent, consistent accuracy. We are proud to have earned our clients’ high level of confidence.

Investor Relations Translation Assistance Services

  • Translation of annual reports: from the translation stage through to the production of printed materials.
  • Interim reports, half-yearly reports, quarterly reports, financial reports: Our high-quality and speed of translation is highly praised by our clients.
  • Translation of agendas for general shareholders’ meetings
  • Translation of business reports
  • Translation of financial statement announcements: quick-turnaround, high-quality translations
  • Translation of IR tools: fast, high-quality translations of IR meeting materials
  • IR videos, videos interviews with top management: a complete service from video-typing to translation
  • Translation of press announcements
  • Translation of press releases: quick-turnaround, high-quality translations
  • High-quality translation of shareholders’ meeting notifications, asset securities reports, shareholders’ voting poll forms, notices of resolution, and security registration statements.

Areas of Translation

  • Investor Relation Tools Translation:
    Translation of preliminary financial reports, interim reports, shareholders’ meeting notifications, asset securities reports, half-yearly reports, quarterly reports, frequently asked questionsFAQs, presentations, investors’ guides, financial statement announcements, financial results, disclosures, corporate governance reports, etc.
  • Securities Translation:
    IR and securities translation including company reports by securities analysts, shares, shareholders’ meetings, securities exchange, investments, prospectus, half-yearly reports, IR public relations magazines, etc.
  • Financial Affairs Translation:
    Accounting translation including accounting reports, audit reports, accounting manuals, financial statements, balance sheets, income statements, etc., as well as financial affairs translation, financial statements translation, audit translation, risk management rules and internal audit manuals.
  • Annual Report Translation:
    Translation of the annual reports and yearly statements of various companies.
  • IR translation including public relations, published articles, brochures:
    Translation of press releases, business reports, and company brochures

Investor Relations Interpretation Assistance Services

  • Interpretation for financial statement announcements
  • Interpretation at investment seminars
  • Interpretation at IR events, such as management policy meetings and company information sessions
  • Interpretation at shareholders’ meetings
  • Accompanying interpretation at overseas trade shows

Areas of Translation

  • Financial and business interpretation:
    Financial policy, bank, deposits, consumer finance, electronic trading, risk management, pensions, etc.
  • Securities interpretation:
    IR interpretation, investment and fund-related interpretation
  • Financial interpretation:
    Accounting interpretation including financial administration, budgets, taxes, accounting reports, accounting, audit reports, financial statements, and financial affairs.
  • IR interpretation:
    Interpretation at overseas trade shows, financial results briefings, interviews, shareholders’ meetings
  • PR and press conference:
    Interpretation at PR events, press conferences, management policy briefings, company information sessions