The financial & business translation section at Simulingual, Inc. (Translation division) focuses on document translation pertaining specifically to the areas of finance, IR, securities/economy, PR, published articles, etc.

From economic articles concerning finance, IR, securities, financial affairs, accounting, tax, etc., to Securities and Exchange Law, business reports by securities analyst, and annual reports of various companies, our specialized translators with an in-depth knowledge of banking and securities will carry outperform the your translation, thus ensuring complete reliability and accuracy.

We understand that in Ffinancial and securities translation, requires awithout a working knowledge of a number of key terms and phrases (in both the source and target languages) in order to fully understand the contenta document, and without which an accurate translation is is not impossible.

All of our translators have the necessary, relevant knowledge and the background in the finance and securities industries required for accurate translation; as a result, our translations are highly praised by our clients for their excellent, consistent accuracy. We are proud to have earned our clients’ high level of confidence.

Translations are performed mainly by specialized translators and native speakers who actively engage in translating articles related to economics and IR such as for newspapers, internal PR articles, company rules, and company brochures. The end result is an easy-to-read translation that is highly valued by our clients.

Areas of Translation

  • Finance and Business Translation:
    Financial and business translation including financial policy, banking, deposits, consumer finance, electronic trading, risk management, etc.
  • Securities Translation:
    IR and securities translation including company reports by securities analysts, shares, shareholders’ meetings, securities exchange, investments, prospectus, half-yearly reports, IR public relations magazines, etc.
  • Investor Relation Tools Translation:
    Translation of half-yearly reports, quarterly reports, frequently asked questions, presentations, investors’ guides, financial statement announcements, financial results, shareholders’ meeting notifications, asset securities reports, interim reports, etc.
  • Financial Affairs Translation:
    Accounting translation including accounting reports, audit reports, accounting manuals, financial statements, balance sheets, income statements, etc., as well as financial affairs translation, financial statements translation, and audit translation.
  • Annual Report Translation:
    Translation of the annual reports and yearly statements of various companies.
  • IR and business translation including public relations, published articles, brochures.
  • Marketing and business translation including marketing and project proposals.
  • Business translation including the study reports of various companies.
  • Business translation including company detailed rules and business plans.
  • Translation of regulations including articles of incorporation, company detailed rules, company regulations, etc.
  • Business translation including questionnaire and research.