The legal (laws and legal workaffairs) translation department at Simulingual, Inc. (Translation division) focuses on specific areas of translation in law, legal work, and contract documents.

We understand that the translation of contracts and legal documents requires impeccable accuracy with no margin of error.
Our legal translation department responds to requests from law firms and patent offices, as well as many other clients in the fields of medicine, food, pharmaceuticals, aviation, communications, electricity, industrial machinery, semiconductors, steels, chemicals, etc. Through our history of providing accurate legal translations, we are proud to have earned the tremendous trust from our clients in these fields.

Legal Translation

  • Legal translation service for legal documents and materials
  • Legal translation service for overseas laws and regulations
  • Contract translation service for various contracts
  • Legal affairs translation service for the rules and regulations/detailed rules of various companies, general affairs documents, business plans, etc.

Legal Document Translation

  • Legal translation of laws, regulations, public statutes, private statutes, ordinances, rules, etc.
  • Legal translation of judicial documents, bills of complaint, judgments, writs of summons, verdicts, etc.
  • Legal translation of records of interrogation, affidavits, etc.
  • Legal translation of overseas laws and regulations documents, materials concerning overseas laws and regulations, etc.

Contract Translation

  • Contract translation of agency agreements, employment agreements, rental contracts, lease contracts, etc.
  • Contract translation of licence agreements, maintenance contracts, non-disclosure agreements, etc.
  • Contract translation of authorization forfor a celebrity’s appearance withon in adsadvertising.
  • Contract translation of various other documents and materials

Legal Work Translation

  • Legal and compliance translation of articles of incorporation, internal rulespolicy, certified copies of a company register, etc., as well as compliance-related materials
  • Legal and compliance translation of certificates (family register, proof of earnings, etc.) and compliance materials
  • Translation of company regulations